My Green IQ

The first Europe-wide study into green intelligence

Keen on green?

How kind are we really to our environment?

The Green IQ study shows how important environmental aspects are to people in different countries – and whether they implement them in their everyday lives. This survey involved asking around 13,500 people from 13 different countries about various topics, including consumer behaviour, mobility and energy consumption – with some very interesting results.


Italians are good at encouraging others.

Over one-third of Italians continue to try to motivate others to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviours. That explains why another third of the population see these requests as being over-the-top.

Say no to nuclear!

Welcome to beautiful Austria – the country of resolute anti-nuclear campaigners! An impressive 68% of respondents supported powering down nuclear reactors, taking the top position in Europe!

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Lazy excuses …

… are pretty rare in Poland. Just 4% of people here think that it would be too expensive or bothersome to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Fantastic!

Out of the cities and into the countryside!

The Turkish people love spending time enjoying the scenery and birdsong more than any other nation. 39% of Turkish people say it is important to them to enjoy the countryside as often as possible.

Consumer behaviour

Germans are losing their appetite for meat.

They’re getting sick of schnitzel. What’s happened? People here react with the most sensitivity to negative reports on the topic of factory farming. Around one in five Germans say that this is why they eat less meat.

People prefer to eat at home.

33% of Dutch people in the survey say no to takeaway items. No coffee to go, no burgers in the street – lots of Dutch people take a hardline view here. And it’s good for their health and even better for the environment!

Crazy for labels.

In Croatia, a whopping 88% of people make sure they buy the right label when purchasing technical devices – but it’s not the brand label that counts but the environmental label, efficiency rating, eco certification or other seals of approval.

Always well-dressed.

Surprisingly, in Switzerland, it’s the older generation of over-55s who tend to go for green fashions made from organic cotton – younger people, who are usually more environmentally conscious, are more reticent to adopt this trend.


Strong legs in Russia.

No traffic jams, no overcrowded buses. Almost one quarter of people in Russia prefer to walk to work – more than in any other country in the survey.

Taking things slowly in the UK.

The smart way to save: In the UK, it’s surprisingly the men – rather than the women – who tend to ease off the accelerator and drive below the speed limit ¬– in order to save petrol.

Green IQ ranking

And the gold medal for environmental behaviour goes to: Turkey!

In order to better compare the countries in the survey, the survey results were compiled in an index, which reflects the attitudes and actual behaviour of the citizens in terms of sustainability. And, in the lead, who would have thought it? Turkey, with an index of 129, topping the table ahead of Austria and Italy. Germany is in seventh position.

Green IQ study results

Results and data

For all those who want more information: here you can view all of the results of the study in the form of easy-to-read diagrams and tables. Just select the question, country and socio-demographic information, and the diagrams and tables will be generated automatically.

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Energy consumption

The French in particular ...

... didn’t come down in the last shower. Over half of them say that they prefer to take a shower than a bath – in order to save water. This puts the French right behind the Spanish, 62% of whom prefer to shower.

The Italians know best.

Incredibly, in no other country do as many people know as much about environmentally friendly heating than in sunny Italy. More than one in five feel well-informed on this topic and 35% of Italians believe that replacing old radiators is the best way to save energy and minimise CO2 emissions.

Good insulation is important.

The Spanish know how to do it – first, check your energy consumption: 31% of Spanish people think that the energy consumption of a house or flat is a major factor in making a purchasing decision. This puts the Spanish in first place, tied with the Turkish people.

Environmentally friendly behaviour

Belgians are European champions when it comes to separating rubbish

Belgium is a nation of rubbish-separators –

and a good thing, too. 86% of Belgians get involved with separating rubbish – more than in Germany or Austria, who share second place with 84% of the population each.

Germany has bags of …

… environmental awareness. Four in five Germans see a reusable basket or bag as being an essential part of their shop – only 3% pack their food in new plastic bags when they go shopping.

Jute bags instead of plastic: Germans set standards in eco-friendly shopping


Oldies but goodies.

Incredibly, in most countries in the survey, it’s the 45 to 54 age group who are particularly careful when it comes to the environment – not the better informed, more ambitious 25 to 34s.

There’s always room for improvement.

“I already do quite a lot”: that’s the mindset of many people in the 13 countries in the survey. However, 66% also feel that they could do more in their daily lives to protect the environment and save energy – a valuable insight.

Attitude and Behaviour

More illusion than reality?

At least Austrians, Swiss and Germans think considerably greener than they act. But in which country is the behaviour more eco-friendly than the attitude? Here you can see it clearly.

And where do you come in the rankings?

What do you think? Are you as environmentally friendly as the people in Turkey? Or even more so? Put your green conscience to the test and complete our interactive survey! This will show you exactly how you do in terms of environmental behaviour – and how you rank compared with the other countries in the survey. Click here, it’s worth it!